Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Berkus Buzzz

Oprah featured Nate Berkus on a fairwell to Nate show earlier this week...he is leaving the Oprah show to start his own! Not only is Nate charming on tv so are his designs take a look below...

Who says a chandelier is only meant for the dining room? The chandelier makes this space feel special, it’s a place of escape and tranquility exactly what you want when you are soaking in the bubbles.

(Bedroom featured in Elle D├ęcor)
Bold colors can be your friend… here is a great examples were emerald green wallpaper is the perfect backdrop to the white crisp clean surroundings. Wallpaper is hot right now, if you’re afraid of it try picking a feature wall and using it there. Large scale patterns are a great way to ensure it won’t turn out like your grandmas kitchen…we love you gma:)

(Photo from Nate’s spring/summer 2009 look book)
Adding depth with details, this may just look like stuff on a side table but by adding books that reflect your interests, or pieces of the sea that you have found on your travels, makes your home personal. Instead of just buying these things to stage your home, use things that reflect your personality and interests that way your home is truly you and not just out of a magazine.

We feel especially inspired by Nate because of his entrepreneur skills, at the young age of 24 he formed is first design firm…we were 26! The new Nate Berkus show premiers Sept 13, 2010…we are excited to see what’s in store next!

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