Monday, August 30, 2010

Bad day made better

Today started out bad. I had to be somewhere at 7:00 a.m. NO KEYS TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE!! I looked everywhere, I finally had to crack open a can of Sprite and take a deep breath. I decided to look in the most ridiculous places ever like the shower, my boots... under the bed. UNDER THE BED!! Damn dog. I was only 45 mn. late.

These things made my day better...

I found this great vintage dress in the Halloween department of GoodWill. The best shopping I do all year is in the Halloween department. Goodwill saves all the great vintage stuff that comes in all year and puts it out at the end off August. I literally feel bliss when I see the rows of musty old clothes. Today was great because of that!

I am obsessed with clocks, non of them working... that explains my constant tardiness. Anyway I can't get enough of them. The big one in the back is my favorite. I bought the clock at a farm estate sale, then I bought the farm too. So it belongs in the house! I am so sickly sentimental.

This creepy kid is my new lawn ornament. I tried to sell her at my garage sale but nobody wanted her. I can't imagine why? My husband is glad she is out of our room, I kind of feel bad for her out in the elements all alone. Maybe I will bring her in for the winter.

I am obsessed with finding paint by numbers. I know they are totally in right now, for good reason. They are amazing! This is the best one yet. Someone named Joanne painted it between October 1963 and May 1964, she was 20 and 21 (it's written on the back). Doesn't that just tug at the brain strings. I have already made up all kinds of stories about Joanne, where she lived, what kind of food she ate, her dogs name... little did she know that 46 years later her paint by number would make someone's day. Thanks Joanne.

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