Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.

Pottery Barn always does an excellent job in their Fall catalog, designing the sets for these shoots would be my dream job.

This is the place to picnic!

This mantel is so ethereal and spooky yet classic, I love white pumpkins and vintage details. Autumn and Halloween are definitively the best times of year!

Wool blankets are the epitome of crisp Autumn afternoons. Imagine a fall picnic with your lover under an apple tree off in the country side. The sweet pungent smell of apples, cool breeze, warmth from the sun, the thunder of a harvesting tractor off in the distance. Apple cider, corn bread, preserves. Leaves tumbling to the ground, the refreshing scent of earth and a warm embrace.

Fall is that crisp time of year when gals pull out their felt hats and leather boots. Yummy! Something about the cool air makes you just want to dive into a vat of wool! Speaking of wool, I scored a fantastic long, burlap colored, wool coat with a hood today at a thrift shop. It screams $500.00 but it was only $20.oo! Pictures soon.

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