Monday, September 6, 2010


The image below is from my new obsession Three Potato four, they have beautiful one of a kind pieces such as signs, letters, vintage paper, keys etc... so much inspiration to be found!

I have been acquiring items for my unfinished library for some time, these things have been accumulating whilst my desire to finish the library has been dwindling. I have been looking for inspiration to motivate me, these images have helped. I will be sure to post the finished room just as soon as I can!

I want the library to very simple and clean. whites, creams, beiges and golden rod will be my colors with a brown velvet couch and flour sack chair. I just need to get my husband away from fixing the garage so he can help me hang the shelves. I am hoping that the cool weather gets me moving, I just need to keep thinking of cozy fall afternoons curled up with a good book!

These are a few pieces I found that have the aesthetic I am looking for, I found them on Anthropologies and Pottery Barns website. I do plan on creating and finding these pieces myself, that is always more interesting than waiting for Fed Ex!

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