Thursday, August 26, 2010

PRIMP'n the space

Welcome to Primp a cheap chic boutique, located in St. Paul MN. Bellwether was in MN for a week working on the layout of the store. We worked closely with the owners Wesley and Michelle on the build out of the store. We collaborated on the design and construction of the stationary and free standing hanging racks. We also guided the owners in the selection of lighting, fabrics, furniture, wall hangings and decor. Bellwether also custom built the checkout counter and designed and built the signage behind the counter... pictures soon to follow!

We scavenged for interesting pieces of furniture on our way to MN and while we were there, We found some great stores and interesting people that helped along the way.

We learned a lot of things this week about power tools, construction, lighting and hard work... and that our absolute favorite power tool is the almighty nail gun! Not only did we build out the entire store we built lasting friendships along the way.

Seriously rockin the bibs!

Picture perfectly tired!

Don't forget to make it to the grand opening of Primp September 16, 2010. Primp is located on the corner of Selby and Dale, St. Paul MN. Make time to Primp yourself!

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