Thursday, February 3, 2011

The end of light bulbs... as we know them.

Edison did not invent the incandescent bulb--Humphry Davy had a crude version in 1809--but he did make it practical and commercially successful. There have been improvements since his time--the filament is no longer carbon; the bulb contains inert gas instead of an imperfect vacuum--but the design hasn't changed much in a century.

(Thomas A. Edison--National Park Service)

Light bulbs are great--they're reliable, cheap, and bright--but they get hot, burn out, and they drink energy. Flourescent light is more efficient, but its glow isn't exactly romantic.

The revival of the classic filament bulb has been very apparent over the last couple of years. Although they may not be the greenest option or the most economical they sure are the most romantic, cozy nostalgic little treats you could ask for.
If you’re interested, Rejuvenation has a whole host of reproduction bulbs, from 1920′s style handpainted gold globes to the classic tungsten or carbon filament bulbs. And, for those looking for a greener option, Plumen makes a gorgeous bulb, suitable for exposed bulb fixtures or cages.

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